Be Here Meow resembles a cat tree that’s scaled to human size.

“With the right cattitude, anything is pawsible!”


Be Here Meow is an 8′ cube and closely resembles a cat tree. The structure is made of wood and covered in carpeting. There are cozy rooms on the first & second level and a viewing platform at the top. The floors of the room are padded with gym mats and covered with pink fleece. The walls are covered in pink faux fur. The ceilings of the rooms are covered with psychedelic paintings that’s beautiful during the day and lit with UV black lights to bring extra details to life during the night. The exterior is lit with multicolor led strips at night creating a rainbow effect around the structure.


Ultimately we hope to express that all species of life have more in common than they have differences. All animals, including humans, need enrichment and the opportunity to be wild and free. By creating an environment that helps humans feel like animals, we hope to inspire more compassion and care for our furry friends at home and their relatives in the wild.

Please consider donating to help bring Be Here Meow to Black Rock City!